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A Century Of Wood Anatomy and 75 Years Of IAWA
A tribute to Lawrence R. Blinks: Ions, light, and algae
Botanical Cyberinfrastructure: Issues, Challenges, Opportunities, and Initiatives
Bringing Together the Living and Dead: Integrating Extant and Fossil Biodiversity in Evolutionary Studies
Deep Time Colloquium
Ecological Responses of Bryophytes to Changing Climate
Ecology and Floristics in Northern California - Current Knowledge and Unexplored Realms
Flora of North America: Synergy with other Botanical Projects
Human Transformation of California: Botany, History, and Sociology
Hybridization as a Stimulus for the Evolution of Invasiveness in Plants
Land Plant Evolution: Phylogenetics and Beyond
Lichens as Bioindicators of Air Quality
New Advances in Fern Ecology
Paleobotany in the Post-Genomics Era
Plenary Symposium: New Directions in Molecular and Organismal Botany
The Comparative - Phylogenetic Method of Reconstructing Evolutionary History
The Evolution of Ericales: Recent Insights using both Morphology and Molecules

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Tuesday, August 1st

Tuesday, August 1st
12:30 pm to 2:00 pm · Auditorium/Bell Memorial Union
Session 48: Contributed Posters: Phytochemical Section
Presiding: Unknown,
48-121August 1st
12:30 pm
Auditorium/Bell Memorial UnionBiologically Active Plant Metabolites in Black Raspberries: A Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy-Based Approach to Identify Anticancer Compounds
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Poster: Phytochemical SectionReese, R. Neil, Wyzgoski, Faith J, Miller, A. Raymond, Scheerens, Joseph C., Rinaldi, Peter L., Bishop, Bert, Ozgen, Mustafa, Tulio, Artemio J., Giusti, M. Monica, Bomser, Joshua A..NMR
black raspberries
secondary metabolites
Tuesday, August 1st
2:00 pm to 2:45 pm · 359/Holt
Session 56: Contributed Papers: Phytochemical Section
Presiding: Tadeusz Aniszewski, University of Joensuu
56-1August 1st
2:00 pm
359/HoltGenetic Approach to Plant Alkaloids - Current Knowledge and Unexplored Realms
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PaperAniszewski, Tadeusz.alkaloids
56-2August 1st
2:15 pm
359/HoltMB and CR Techniques and TZ and E Tests in Phaseolus lunatus Testa Research
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PaperAniszewski, Tadeusz.vital dye
methylene blue
Congo red
TZ test
E test
Phaseolus lunatus
Tuesday, August 1st
4:15 pm to 5:15 pm · 302/Bell Memorial Union
Meeting: Phytochemical Section Business Meeting
Presiding: Tadeusz Aniszewski, University of Joensuu
August 1st
4:15 pm
302/Bell Memorial UnionPhytochemical Section Business Meeting
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