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A Century Of Wood Anatomy and 75 Years Of IAWA
A tribute to Lawrence R. Blinks: Ions, light, and algae
Botanical Cyberinfrastructure: Issues, Challenges, Opportunities, and Initiatives
Bringing Together the Living and Dead: Integrating Extant and Fossil Biodiversity in Evolutionary Studies
Deep Time Colloquium
Ecological Responses of Bryophytes to Changing Climate
Ecology and Floristics in Northern California - Current Knowledge and Unexplored Realms
Flora of North America: Synergy with other Botanical Projects
Human Transformation of California: Botany, History, and Sociology
Hybridization as a Stimulus for the Evolution of Invasiveness in Plants
Land Plant Evolution: Phylogenetics and Beyond
Lichens as Bioindicators of Air Quality
New Advances in Fern Ecology
Paleobotany in the Post-Genomics Era
Plenary Symposium: New Directions in Molecular and Organismal Botany
The Comparative - Phylogenetic Method of Reconstructing Evolutionary History
The Evolution of Ericales: Recent Insights using both Morphology and Molecules

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Monday, July 31st

Monday, July 31st
8:30 am to 9:45 am · 134/Performing Arts Center
Session 7: Contributed Papers: Papers: Plant Physiology
Presiding: Frank W. Ewers, Michigan State University
7-1July 31st
8:30 am
134/Performing Arts CenterThe dual roles of non-glandular foliar trichomes in the mangrove tree Avicennia germinans
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PaperEwers, Frank W., Lopez-Portillo, Jorge, Angeles, Guillermo, Peter, Hietz.mangrove
7-2July 31st
8:45 am
134/Performing Arts CenterEmbolism vulnerability and reversal in the xylem of two mangrove species
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PaperLopez-Portillo, Jorge, Ewers, Frank W., Angeles, Guillermo.Avicennia
xylem cavitation
7-3July 31st
9:00 am
134/Performing Arts CenterStudy of Drought Stress at Different Developmental Stages of Rapeseed Cultivars
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PaperShirani Rad, Amirhossein, Daneshian, Jahanfar.drought
7-5July 31st
9:30 am
134/Performing Arts CenterThe temperature responses measured by spectral reflectance of tropical and temperate 4 seagrasses and 5 macroalgae
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PaperThorhaug, Anitra, Berlyn, Graeme.temperature
spectral reflectance
Fucous vesiculosus
temperature tolerance

Tuesday, August 1st

Tuesday, August 1st
11:30 am to 12:30 pm · 314/Bell Memorial Union
Meeting: Physiology Bus Mtg
Presiding: Anitra Thorhaug, Yale University
August 1st
11:30 am
314/Bell Memorial UnionPhysiology Business Meeting
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Tuesday, August 1st
12:30 pm to 2:00 pm · Auditorium/Bell Memorial Union
Session 48: Contributed Posters: Posters: Plant physiology
Presiding: Unknown,
48-107August 1st
12:30 pm
Auditorium/Bell Memorial UnionAlterations in photosynthetic pigments, protein and osmotic components in cotton genotypes subjected to short-term drought stress followed by recovery
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Poster: Physiological SectionParida, Asish Kumar, Dagaonkar, Vipin. S., Phalak, Monoj S., Umalkar, G. V., Aurangabadkar, L. P..Carotenoids
compatible solutes
48-108August 1st
12:30 pm
Auditorium/Bell Memorial UnionRequirements for embryo growth and dormancy break in Lomatium dissectum seeds
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Poster: Physiological SectionScholten, Melissa, Zimmerman, Shawna, Shaw, Nancy, Serpe, Marcelo.seed dormancy
48-109August 1st
12:30 pm
Auditorium/Bell Memorial UnionComparing synthesis of carbohydrate in xylem tissue of cotton during drought and recovery
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Poster: Physiological SectionRoper, Becky, Holaday, A. Scott.SPS
heterotrophic cotton tissue
48-110August 1st
12:30 pm
Auditorium/Bell Memorial UnionImpacts of free-air CO2 enrichment (FACE) on assimilatory nitrate reduction
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Poster: Physiological SectionConstable, John.Elevated CO2
Nitrate reductase
Temperate forest
48-111August 1st
12:30 pm
Auditorium/Bell Memorial UnionSexual reproduction in Podophyllum peltatum (Mayapple): Meeting carbon requirements through differences in leaf area and gas exchange characteristics
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Poster: Physiological SectionConstable, John, Dhah, Satinderpal.photosynthesis
Gas exchange
48-112August 1st
12:30 pm
Auditorium/Bell Memorial UnionA simple aeroponic chamber for the study of root exudates
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Poster: Physiological SectionSnow, Michael, Kistner, Erica, Renquist, Brett, VanSooy, Michael, VanSooy, Sean, Bard, Raymond.aeroponic

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