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New Advances in Fern Ecology

Chiou, Wen-Liang [1], Lin, Tzer-Tung [2], Lee, Pei-Hsuan [3].

Phenology of 16 ferns in a subtropical forest of northeastern Taiwan.

THE phenology of 16 fern species in a subtropical broadleaf forest (N24046', E121034') of northeastern Taiwan had been observed from August 1997 to August 2001. All observed plants produced both fertile and sterile fronds every year during the study. Most fertile fronds emerged in February and March whereas sterile fronds emerged mainly from May to September. Most fronds reached full expansion during April to July and died during April to August, averaging 4.4 to 27.5 month life span. Pteris wallichiana was the only one of the 7 species with longer lifer span of fertile fronds than that of sterile ones to reach one month significantly longer. The life spans of sterile fronds of other 9 species were longer than that of their fertile fronds, but only which of Cyathea spinulosa, Plagiogyria dunnii, P. adnata were significantly longer. Two Plagiogyria, whose ephemeral sporophylls died in 5 months, right after releasing their spores, even had sterile fronds that survived over 22 months. Except the dimorphic fertile fronds of Plagiogyria, all fertile fronds of other species remained fresh and performed photosynthesis to nearly 2 years after releasing their spores, whereas all the sterile fronds remained their sterile status throughout their lives. After releasing their spores, which was mostly in June to August, one month after the maturation of spores in May through July, the sporangia detached, after which no second cohort of sori were produced on the same frond.

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1 - Taiwan Forestry Research Institute, 53 Nan-Hai Rd, Taipei, 100, Taiwan
2 - Taiwan Forestry Research Institute, Fushan Research Center, 132 Box, Ilan, 260, Taiwan
3 - Yushan National Park, 300 Jhongshan Road, Shueile, 553, Taiwan

frond emergence
life span
spore maturation.

Presentation Type: Symposium or Colloquium Presentation
Session: 1-7
Location: 114/MODOC
Date: Monday, July 31st, 2006
Time: 11:00 AM
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