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Lindstrand III, Len [1], Nelson, Julie Kierstead [2].

Habitat, geologic, and soil characteristics of Shasta snow-wreath (Neviusia cliftonii) populations.

THE 1992 discovery of Shasta snow-wreath (Neviusia cliftonii), a shrub of the Rosaceae: Kerrieae, provided California with a new genus. The species is endemic to far northern California, in the vicinity of Shasta Lake, Shasta County. Based on the first group of Shasta snow-wreath populations found, the species was assumed to be associated with limestone substrates. Of the ten populations known by 1996, only two were located in non-limestone habitat. During 2003 and 2004, we discovered seven new Shasta snow-wreath populations, nearly doubling the number of known occurrences. Following these discoveries, we conducted a GIS analysis using location data from the new sites, and from all previously known sites to determine the habitat, geologic, and soil characteristics at each Shasta snow-wreath population location. Our analysis shows that 47% of all known Shasta snow-wreath sites occur in non-limestone geologic or soil types. Though these new occurrences have filled some gaps in the known distribution, they are still within the previously recorded species range. The boundaries of Shasta snow-wreath’s geographic and elevational range have yet to be determined. Given our analysis of the geologic and soil characteristics at the known Shasta snow-wreath sites, previous assumptions regarding geologic and soil associations, and the fairly limited geographic extent of previous survey efforts, only a small fraction of potential habitat for this species has been surveyed. It is highly likely that additional populations occur in the Shasta Lake region of the southeastern Klamath Mountains. Our analysis of geologic and soil characteristics at the known snow-wreath population sites clearly shows that non-limestone substrates cannot be excluded as suitable habitat, and that field inventories for Shasta snow-wreath within the species’ known and suspected range should include a wider range of substrates, aspects, and vegetation types than was previously thought suitable for the species. -DU

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1 - North State Resources, Inc., 5000 Bechelli Lane, Suite 203, Redding, California, 96002, USA
2 - Shasta-Trinity National Forest, 3644 Avtech Parkway, Redding, California, 96002, USA

Shasta snow-wreath
Neviusia cliftonii
Shasta Lake

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Session: 66-2
Location: 266/Holt
Date: Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006
Time: 8:15 AM
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