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Supporting Effective Teaching and Learning

Coykendall, Mark [1].

Using Technology to Engage Students in the Lecture Hall.

AS an instructor I am constantly trying to find ways to engage my students in the lecture hall. Recently I have been using technology to promote student participation during lecture. With the aid of a computer in my classroom and the simple installation of a receiving device I can take attendance and quiz students daily, getting instant feedback. Students purchase a response pad which they bring with them each day to lecture. Prepared questions or spontaneous verbal questions can be asked during the lecture and students respond anonymously to the questions, giving me a real feeling for their grasp of the content being discussed. I no longer have to rely on nodding heads to my “Is that clear?” questioning. Rather I know exactly what percentage of the class understands a concept and if the majority does not then I can make an attempt to recover the topic in a different way. Though during the lecture their anonymity is maintained I have an electronic record of their responses and I grant credit based on those responses.
As a secondary benefit students have internet access to the questions that have been asked each day or on quizzes, as well as instantly being able to access their scores on quizzes or the multiple choice portions of exams. Students today are constantly seeking immediate feedback and this satisfies that desire to a degree. The bottom line is that my students are actively engaged physically and mentally during lecture.
Last summer my use of this technology was featured in the “Chronicle of Higher Education” and I have been contacted by instructors and organizations across the country wishing to learn more. I thought members attending the Education Forum might be interested in seeing how I use the technology in my classroom.

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1 - College of Lake County, Division of Biology and Health Sciences, 19351 West Washington Street, Grayslake, Illinois, 60030, USA


Presentation Type: Education Forum Session:Informational Session
Session: F1b-1
Location: 304/Bell Memorial Union
Date: Saturday, July 29th, 2006
Time: 8:15 AM
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