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Developmental and Structural Section

Rodgers, S.L. [1], Wheeler, E.A. [2], Barlett, Jeff [3], Brown, K.R. [1].

InsideWood: a web resource for wood anatomy.

THE InsideWood database for modern dicots has wood anatomical information for some 200 families and 2,500 genera. The 5,500 + descriptions represent at least 8,000 species. The original database was based on work done by L. Chalk, Oxford, during preparation of “Anatomy of the Dicotyledons.” The wood anatomical literature and original observations have been used to edit the database and add new descriptions (e.g., Project I woods of the U.S.). The general incidence and distribution of selected wood anatomical characters and character correlations have been determined. The InsideWood site provides an interface to search the database by the coded features of the International Association of Wood Anatomists used in the description records. A fast web-accessible interface to the InsideWood databases has been developed using ColdFusion, Oracle indexes, and pre-formatted display data. Wood anatomical information can be retrieved by IAWA features, scientific names, or keyword (e.g., common name, geographic source). A database for fossil dicot woods (over 1500 entries) is available and allows tracking of incidences of wood anatomical features through time. A major objective of the site is to serve as a repository for photomicrographs of wood structure. As of March 2006, over 24,000 images of modern woods were available, with contributions from the National Herbarium of The Netherlands, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (U.K.), CSIRO (Australia), Royal Museum for Central Africa (Belgium), FFPRI (Japan), USDA Forest Products Lab, Catholic University – Leuven, Belgium, University of Hamburg (Germany), and North Carolina State University. Photomicrographs from Sherwin Carlquist are being added. Some images are not attached to wood anatomical descriptions, but Luna Insight can browse the image database separately, and images can be retrieved by family, genus, species, contributor, or any field configured as searchable from Insight. There is the capability to “zoom-in” and to manipulate images for incorporation into instructional material and presentations.

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1 - N.C. State University, D.H. Hill Library, Raleigh, North Carolina, 27695, USA
2 - N.C. State University, Wood & Paper Science, Raleigh, North Carolina, 27695, USA
3 - College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum, Price, Utah, 84501

wood anatomy
Fossil Angiosperm.

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