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The Evolution of Ericales: Recent Insights using both Morphology and Molecules

Kron, Kathleen A. [1], Powell, E. Ann [1], Gillespie, Emily [1].

Phylogenetic relationships among the core Ericales based on multiple data partitions.

THE Ericales clade is remarkable in its diversity of morphology, ecology, and life history. Previous molecular studies in Ericales indicate that Cyrillaceae, Sarraceniaceae, and Actinidiaceae are among the most closely related groups to Ericaceae and these clades constitute the core Ericales. This clade includes plants with markedly different life histories. The most distinctive being the achlorophyllous members of Ericaceae (Monotropoideae) and the insectivorous Sarraceniaceae. This study uses chloroplast and nuclear data to address relationships among the basal nodes of Ericaceae and core Ericales. Previous studies within the clade have not provided strong support for the branching order of Arbutoideae and Monotropoideae. In addition, some analyses of the achlorophyllous members of Monotropoideae suggest that the loss of chlorophyll may have occurred twice in the history of the group. However, support for these results were weak. In this study the phylogenetic relationships of the achlorophyllous species in Monotropoideae to other clades within Ericaceae was investigated using chloroplast matK, rbcL and nuclear ribosomal (18S, 26S) data. These data were analyzed individually and in combination. Data from the second exon of the homeotic gene LEAFY was also investigated to assess the phylogenetic utility of this region and to provide additional information for resolving the relationships of Monotropoideae, Arbutoideae, and other members of the core Ericales.

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1 - Wake Forest University, Department of Biology, PO Box 7325, 226 Winston Hall, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 27109-7325, USA

Phylogenetic analysis

Presentation Type: Symposium or Colloquium Presentation
Session: 13-6
Location: 201/Ayres
Date: Monday, July 31st, 2006
Time: 1:45 PM
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