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Abramova, Liudmila A. [1], Shipunov, Alexey B. [2].

Floristic changes on the Kem-Ludy islands (Russian White Sea, 19622004).

THE lists of flora of Kem-Ludy archipelago (Russian White Sea, near Arctic Circle) produced in years 1962 and 2001-2004 were investigated by different methods of data analysis. The full species list contains 284 species. The archipelago consists in 6 large islands and many small islets. 27 islands were studied, four new islands were appeared due to the tectonic events. The location of archipelago, which is situated in the width part of Kandalaksha gulf and protruded to the open sea, explained its unique flora and vegetation, influenced mostly by strong winds. These environmental conditions produce either crowberry tundra or birch crooked forest. Four coefficients were compiled and used for quantitative investigation of floristic changes, along with simple numerical calculations and some statistical methods such as correlation analysis, ANOVA and cluster analysis. Main dynamic features of islands and island group floras and of species areas were clarified. Most important factors are island square and openess (accessibility for winds). The close vicinity with species-rich island does not prevent the species disappearance. The presence of forest, ecotopes formed by crowberry (Empetrum spp.) and Sphagnum-bogs are most stabilizing factors whereas big square of rocks play negative role in the floristic stability. Marine birds are most important biological factor for island flora maintenance. Many of effects depend on shoaling of channels between islands and probably on improvement of local climate.

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1 - Moscow State University, Biology department, st. Narofominskaja, 2-36, Moscow, 119619, Russian Federation
2 - University of Idaho, Department of Forest Resources, Moscow, Idaho, 83844-1133, USA

arctic-alpine biogeography
islands biogeography
arctic islands

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Session: 48-35
Location: Auditorium/Bell Memorial Union
Date: Tuesday, August 1st, 2006
Time: 12:30 PM
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